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Poodles & Pals Holistic Pet Spaw

About Us

About Jessica

Jessica has been Grooming for over 13 years, and has always had a passion for animals. Her specialty are Poodles, Bichons, Schnauzers, Yorkshire Terriers, as well as Shih Tzus, but Jessica loves them all. She has a veterinary science background, but her real Passion has always been grooming. With a patient and gentle hand, she can groom dogs who have a harder time with the grooming process. Opening Poodles & Pals has been a dream of hers for years. Jessica wanted a place where Pet Parents could walk in the door knowing their pets are in good hands, and a team that has just as much passion for the pets as she does!

Her life long dream has been accomplished here at Poodles & Pals!

Our Team

Owner/Groomer/Stylist: Jessica Shipman
Groomer/Stylist: Megan Murphy-Ibarra
Groomer/Stylist: Ayana Cordova
Bather/Receptionist: Alexis Truesdale
Bather/Receptionist: Karlee Connors
Bather/Receptionist: Marta Serrano


Holistic Grooming
At Poodles & Pals Spaw when we treat your pet we look at them as a whole. Each member of our team is incredibly passionate about animals and their well-being, and are patient and understanding with fur babies that may be new to grooming, nervous about being handled, or are aged, ill or disabled. Our Pet esthetician’s hold a range of professional qualifications for pet grooming, animal behavior, nutrition, physiotherapy, and CPR. It is this expertise that enables us to deliver a holistic grooming experience for all visiting clients.

If a pet has itchy skin, sore ears, patches of hair loss etc. we consult with the pet parent to discuss any underlying issues that may be causing these symptoms. External treatment can ease the symptoms but it is important to find the cause of these problems to stop ongoing issues. A vet visit may be recommended if the parent is unaware of what is causing the symptoms in their pet.

Another aspect of Holistic grooming is only using quality grooming products during the treatment. Being a Holistic grooming salon we understand that high-quality products are essential for a healthy skin and coat and will not compromise health for cost. We use 100% naturally derived products and only the finest all organic, natural, non-toxic, chemical free, cruelty free ingredients were chosen from a selection of suppliers, making them superb for even the most sensitive of skin. At Poodles & Pals Spaw we continue to monitor developments in grooming products and treatments to ensure we always offer our clients the very best of what is available.

To promote a relaxing and stress free environment we offer tranquility rooms and do not rush a treatment thus ensuring each fur baby has a positive and relaxing experience.
We aim to work with pet parents to be an integral part of creating a healthier and happier fur baby. All our grooming and spaw services have been deigned to improve your pets health and well-being, so you can be reassured your fur baby receives the quality care they deserve when they visit Poodles & Pals Holistic Pet Spaw.
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